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Verse Of The Day – Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Understanding the Verse

To truly grasp the meaning and significance of Matthew 5:9, it is essential to analyze the context in which this verse is found. The Sermon on the Mount is a collection of teachings by Jesus, delivered to his disciples and a large crowd of people who had gathered to hear him speak. In this sermon, Jesus shares valuable insights on topics such as love, forgiveness, righteousness, and the kingdom of God.

Matthew 5:9 specifically focuses on the concept of peacemaking. Jesus begins the verse with the word “blessed,” which can also be interpreted as “happy” or “fortunate.” He is declaring that those who actively work towards peace are blessed in the eyes of God. It is important to note that this verse does not refer to those who passively desire peace but rather to those who actively work towards establishing peace and resolving conflicts.

Being Called Children of God

The second part of Matthew 5:9 states that peacemakers will be called “children of God.” This phrase carries deep theological significance. In biblical times, the term “children of God” was used to describe individuals who had a close relationship with God and followed His commandments. By calling peacemakers “children of God,” Jesus is emphasizing that those who actively work towards peace are aligning themselves with God’s divine purpose.

Jesus’ statement also suggests that peacemakers reflect the character and nature of God Himself. The Bible repeatedly describes God as a God of peace. For example, in the book of Isaiah, God is referred to as the “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). Therefore, when individuals engage in peacemaking, they are emulating the very essence of God.

Implications for Christians

As Christians, Matthew 5:9 serves as a powerful reminder of our calling to be peacemakers in a world filled with conflict and discord. It challenges us to actively seek peace and work towards resolving conflicts in our personal relationships, communities, and even on a global scale.

Peacemaking involves not only the absence of conflict but also the promotion of justice, reconciliation, and the well-being of others. It requires us to be proactive in seeking peaceful resolutions, rather than merely avoiding or ignoring conflicts. This verse invites Christians to embody the teachings of Jesus by actively pursuing peace, even in the face of opposition or adversity.

Examples of Peacemakers in the Bible

Throughout the Bible, there are numerous examples of individuals who exemplified the characteristics of peacemakers. One such example is Joseph from the Old Testament. Despite being sold into slavery by his own brothers, Joseph forgave them and worked towards reconciliation when they later sought his help during a time of famine.

Additionally, the apostle Paul, known for his missionary work and letters in the New Testament, was a peacemaker. He actively sought to reconcile different groups within the early Christian community and encouraged believers to live in harmony with one another.


Matthew 5:9 holds a profound message for Christians, urging them to embrace the role of peacemakers in a world that often lacks harmony. By actively working towards peace, Christians not only reflect the character of God but also experience the blessings and joy that come from following His teachings. May this verse inspire and guide us in our pursuit of peace, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

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